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About FedEx Freight Priority:

When you need an LTL freight service to increase your speed to market, you've got one in FedEx Freight Priority. At FedEx Freight we're continually streamlining our network to ensure your LTL freight shipping is faster and more efficient. In fact, FedEx Freight Priority has the fastest published transit times of any nationwide LTL service.

7 out of 8 customers would use this carrier again.

“1 WAS BILLED $1,155.78 FOR THIS $285.64 ORDER.”

“we are going to use it again... probably today!!”

“Product damaged in transit...unusual for FEDEx.”

“We couldn't be any happier with ShipX because they spent time trying to get answers to our questions, so communication was great! We are disappointed with FedEx Freight Priority however because our shipment arrived a day later than quoted because it took FedEx 7hr 55min (1:28PM - 9:23PM) to transfer our shipment from Los Angeles to the rerouting terminal in Vernon CA... a distance of less than 20 miles! BE AWARE - FedEx Freight Priority does not guarantee delivery times for shipments booked through ShipX.”